Establishment Labs and Puregraft Announce Strategic Partnership

An exclusive international distribution transaction marries advanced breast implants and autologous fat transfers


Establishment Labs, a global medical device company focused on next-generation breast implants and other innovative medical device technologies, announced today that it has entered into an exclusive agreement to distribute Puregraft’s® line of autologous fat transfer products. The agreement also includes an additional option to distribute the Puregraft® products in the United States and Canada.

“We are very proud of this partnership with Puregraft®, a brand that has been at the cutting edge of technology in cell therapies,” said Juan José Chacón Quirós, Chief Executive Officer of Establishment Labs. “Puregraft® autologous fat transfer has demonstrated long term natural tissue retention, and will enable advanced cell-and-implant hybrid aesthetic and reconstructive treatments in combination with our innovative line of Motiva Implants®. We believe that incorporating the latest technologies into breast aesthetics, breast reconstruction and body contouring will improve patient outcomes significantly and we are continuing to invest to bring an entirely new generation of products and therapies to market.”

Used in combination, Motiva Implants® and Puregraft® autologous fat transfer allows plastic surgeons to balance volume between silicone breast implants and subcutaneous tissue volume, for a more natural look and feel using the patient’s own cells.
“We are delighted to work with Establishment Labs to advance the state of the art Plastic Surgery procedures,” said Brad Conlan, CEO of Puregraft, and LLC. “We are enthusiastic about the opportunities in the international market, and anticipate that hybrid procedures will become the new standard for breast augmentation, breast reconstruction and body contouring.”

“There is a critical, unmet need in breast aesthetics and breast reconstruction surgery for consistent, reproducible treatments using silicone implants in combination with purified fat grafts in breast and body contouring. These are both best-of-breed companies in their respective fields,” said Professor Marcos Sforza, one of the leading voices in combination techniques and advanced technologies in Plastic Surgery. “This partnership will provide surgeons with additional tools and elevate the standard of care for patients.”

About Establishment Labs:
Establishment Labs is an innovator in implantable medical devices. Their Motiva Implants® line of silicone breast implants are approved for sale in over 60 countries.
Motiva Implants® combine several proprietary technologies to improve safety and patient satisfaction, including SilkSurface® hierarchical micro-nano structures, Ergonomix™ the world’s first breast implant with ergonomic characteristics, and the QInside™ RFID microtransponder technology. QInside™ is- also cleared for sale in the U.S. via FDA’s 510(k) pathway. Establishment Labs manufactures its own products in state-of-the-art ISO 13485-certified facilities.

About Puregraft:
Puregraft, LLC is a global medical device company owned by Bimini Technologies. In 15 minutes or less, Puregraft®’s FDA cleared and CE-Marked technology provides plastic surgeons with purified fat for reinjection on the sterile field. The Puregraft® technology is used in hospitals and clinics around the world and provides physicians with confidence and convenience. Puregraft, LLC is positioned to continue its leadership in the rapidly expanding, fat transfer marketplace. The company was founded in 2013 and is based in San Diego, California.