JAMM Technologies Acquires the Veriteq RFID Technology Platform and Enters into Supply Agreement with Establishment Labs


JAMM Technologies, LLC announced today that it has purchased a portfolio of assets from Veriteq Corporation, including its implantable RFID solutions, UDI business and intellectual property. The company also disclosed that it has entered into a long term supply agreement with Establishment Labs to provide implantable micro-transponder technology for their current and next generation family of silicone breast implants.
JAMM Technologies has begun implementing its vision to become an identification and reference platform for implantable medical devices. “All long term implantable devices should have RFID technology to provide key information on the safety and functionality of these devices,” said Randy Geissler, Chief Technology Officer of JAMM Technologies. “The ability for doctors to identify and communicate with implantable medical devices will allow for the development of smart devices that increase both safety and health.”

Juan Jose Chacón Quirós, CEO of Establishment Labs, added, “Implantable RFID technology is one of the most exciting technologies in medical devices. Our agreement with JAMM secures the supply of Q Inside Safety Technology™ and the future development of diagnostic capabilities in biosensors for the next generation of Motiva breast implants.”
There have been over 40,000 implantations of Motiva Implants® with Q Inside Safety Technology™ in the European Union and Japan. Q Inside Safety Technology™ is a FDA cleared and CE approved RFID solution that allows plastic surgeons to connect patients through the MotivaImagine™ App to an electronic passport that contains all the relevant information about the breast implant for increased safety and peace of mind.

About JAMM:

JAMM Technologies is a hardware and service provider to the medical device industry, offering a complete solution for the wireless, external identification of implanted medical devices, as well as key information about the device and performance. Its proprietary RFID implantable components are the only safe and non-invasive method of identifying medical devices from outside the human body and provide unique biosensing and diagnostic capabilities. JAMM technologies is focused on continued innovation, and all profits are reinvested into research and development of next generation technology.
About Establishment Labs:
Establishment Labs is a global, privately held, breast implant and medical technology company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets an innovative product portfolio consisting of advanced silicone-filled breast and body shaping implants (http://www.motivaimplants.com). Utilizing only the highest quality of medical grade silicones, the CE-marked Motiva Implants® line is rigorously scrutinized by professional Quality Engineers throughout the entire manufacturing process. All of its products are manufactured in full compliance with ISO and EU requirements, and are certified under the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.